Trust a Professional for Antique Furniture Restoration in New Orleans, LA

If you’re lucky enough to stumble upon an authentic piece of antique furniture at an auction or inherent a piece through some lucky channel, it’s important that you take a moment to consider the proper care and upkeep of that item. And, if it’s not in the best condition when you receive it, you might consider antique furniture restoration in New Orleans, LA as a smart first step in enjoying your new piece.

Trusting someone with the restoration of your antique furniture isn’t always an easy decision, however. Sure, there are a number of furniture specialists out there who can provide repairs or restorations when you need them… but not every service provider is equipped with the knowledge or resources needed to work on antique pieces.

Working on antique furniture is like working on a classic car—sure, the frame and foundation might be the same as any other car out there, but the intricacies of the vehicle are unique to its make, model and year. Furniture is no different—your antique piece is going to have unique needs based on its construction, materials, craftsmanship and so on.

Choosing an expert that deals exclusively in antique furniture restoration in New Orleans, LA means making a sound choice in the care of your antique piece. The Renaissance Shop, LLC is here to make sure your antique is treated with specialized care and attention, to restore it to its former glory in a way that’s preservative of its distinguishing features and origins.

Stronger Than Before: Wood Furniture Repair in New Orleans, LA

There are a number of reasons wood is a primary component in the construction of furniture, both new and classic. For starters, it’s welcoming and warm—wood adds a lively touch to any environment and lends a certain level of livability to that space. Wood is also malleable and workable, giving artisans the ability to shape their visions for beauty into the furniture they’re creating.

Perhaps the biggest quality of wood that has made it an appealing choice for furniture for centuries, however, is its durability. Wood will stand up to heavy wear and tear that comes with use, minor abuses and even the dregs of age. But, as with all things, there comes a point where time will get the best of even the strongest wood creations, causing them to break or deteriorate in a way that renders the furniture useless.

In the event of damage to your classic or traditional wood furniture, it’s important to seek wood furniture repair in New Orleans, LA, rather than throwing the piece out. Why? Because with a little TLC and some expert hands, your wood furniture can be restored to a like-new state that might even leave it stronger than it ever was!

From tables to chairs and beyond, The Renaissance Shop, LLC is here to ensure your custom wood furniture pieces are getting the restorative attention they need when they’re compromised. We’re pleased to offer a superior level of wood furniture repair in New Orleans, LA, to help you enjoy the beauty, warmth and resilience of wood for years to come.

Give Your Antique Furniture a New Shine with Refinishing Services

When most people hear the word “antique,” they picture a dusty old piece of furniture that someone will pay a huge sum of money to own. The truth, however, is that antique furniture is some of the sturdiest, well crafted, most beautiful furniture out there, made before cookie-cutter styles became the norm.

Most antique furniture finds are actually in pretty good shape structurally—however they might lack a little bit of luster when it comes to their outward appearance. In this way, many antique pieces can benefit heavily from antique furniture refinishing in New Orleans, LA. The result will be an antique that has the looks of a brand new piece, but the durability and superior workmanship of a piece that pre-dates most modern assemblies.

The process of refinishing an antique isn’t simple, however—attention must be paid to restoring the uniqueness of the piece in a way that doesn’t affect the originality of it or the sensitive materials used to craft it all those years ago. To this end, nothing short of a professional touch will do and it’s important not to trust anyone other than, The Renaissance Shop, LLC to handle your antique.

At The Renaissance Shop, LLC, we specialize in antique furniture refinishing in New Orleans, LA and we guarantee only superior results when it comes to the finished product. We promise a like-new façade that still retains the classic appeal of the antique, to give you the best of both worlds when it comes to your unique piece.

Flood-Damaged Furniture: Deciding What to Salvage and Tips on Reconditioning

Unfortunately, south Louisiana has all too much experience cleaning up after a flood. This time, the Baton Rouge area (including the parishes of Ascension, East Baton Rouge Parish, Livingston, St. James, St. John the Baptist, and Tangipahoa) were among the communities that got hardest hit.

Deciding which furniture to save may be a personal issue, especially if you
have antiques and other pieces with sentimental value. Keep in mind that you
don’t need to repair all pieces of salvageable furniture immediately. You can
clean, dry, and store them in a warm, well-ventilated place until you have time and money to deal with them.

Before starting to salvage damaged furniture, decide which pieces are worth
restoring. Such decisions should be based on the extent of damage, cost of the
article, sentimental value, and cost of restoration. Antiques are probably worth
the time, effort, and expense of restoration. If the damage is minor, you may
be able to clean and refinish antiques at home.

Don’t try to force open swollen wooden doors and drawers. Instead, take off the
back of the piece of furniture to let the air circulate. You probably will be able to
open the drawers after they dry.

Solid wood furniture can usually be restored unless damage is severe. It
probably will need to be cleaned, dried, and re-glued. Wood alcohol or turpentine
applied with a cotton ball may remove white mildew spots on wood. Cream wood
restorers with lanolin will help restore good wooden furniture parts.

Wood veneered furniture is usually not worth the cost and effort of repair unless
it is very valuable. If the veneer is loose in just a few places, you may be able to glue
it adequately.

Upholstered furniture soaks up contaminants from floodwaters and should be cleaned only by a professional. Get a cost estimate to see if furniture is worth
saving. Usually, flood-soaked upholstered pieces should be thrown away unless
they are antiques or quite valuable.

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