Give Your Antique Furniture a New Shine with Refinishing Services

When most people hear the word “antique,” they picture a dusty old piece of furniture that someone will pay a huge sum of money to own. The truth, however, is that antique furniture is some of the sturdiest, well crafted, most beautiful furniture out there, made before cookie-cutter styles became the norm.

Most antique furniture finds are actually in pretty good shape structurally—however they might lack a little bit of luster when it comes to their outward appearance. In this way, many antique pieces can benefit heavily from antique furniture refinishing in New Orleans, LA. The result will be an antique that has the looks of a brand new piece, but the durability and superior workmanship of a piece that pre-dates most modern assemblies.

The process of refinishing an antique isn’t simple, however—attention must be paid to restoring the uniqueness of the piece in a way that doesn’t affect the originality of it or the sensitive materials used to craft it all those years ago. To this end, nothing short of a professional touch will do and it’s important not to trust anyone other than, The Renaissance Shop, LLC to handle your antique.

At The Renaissance Shop, LLC, we specialize in antique furniture refinishing in New Orleans, LA and we guarantee only superior results when it comes to the finished product. We promise a like-new façade that still retains the classic appeal of the antique, to give you the best of both worlds when it comes to your unique piece.